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Uscript. RL commented the manuscript. PV participated in the designing of the analysis and commented the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Acknowledgement This study was partly financed by Academy of Finland grant 2007?010 (decision number 115088). We thank all women who participated in the trial, the trial staff at clinical centres, and the staff at the National Ins
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On problem with IRES vectors ?inability to transcribe the transcript following the IRES sequence if the first MCS is empty. The new pIRES2-acGFP1acGFP1 vector was used as a control for the pIRES2Gal1-acGFP1 construct. Both vectors were sequenced through their multiple cloning sites to ensure no PCRinduced mutations were present.Transfection and stable clone generationParental, control, and galect
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Gs of: 1) increased risk for developing mild cognitive impairment (MCI), dementia, or AD in individuals with T2DM [7,27] or obesity/dyslipidemic disorders [28]; 2) progressive brain insulin resistance andinsulin deficiency in AD [29-32]; 3) cognitive impairment in experimental animal models of T2DM and/or obesity [33,34]; 4) AD-type neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment in experimentally ind
Fferent surveys using the date of filling in the questionnaire. We then grouped the surveys as follows: 6?8 months = 1-year follow-up, 19?8 months = 2-year follow-up, 29?2 months = 3year follow-up, 43?9 months =4-year follow-up. Women who left one or more follow-up surveys unanswered formed a separate group (intermittent surveys). We classified women into those who had or had not had symptoms in
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